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Narbheram Hansraj Gujrati Middle School was established in 1924 to provide education to the children of the Gujrati community. In 1986 Mr. P. N Kamani started the English primary classes in the Gujrati school premises. In 1988 Mr. Nakul D Kamani took over as the School President and Chairman of the School Management Committee. He laid the foundation stone for the new building of the English medium school in 1989. The building, completed in 1991 was inaugurated by Dr. J. J Irani, Managing Director of Tata Steel in 1992. Mr. Nakul D Kamani is assisted by a committee of several eminent citizens of the town in guiding the school successfully on its quest for excellence in education.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” I take great pleasure in inviting you to Narbheram Hansraj English School, a highly progressive and enterprising school pledged to provide quality education with great emphasis on traditional values.

NHES has been a visionary educational institution ever since its humble beginnings in 1986. Our mission is to provide quality education specially focused on development of ‘KASSM’ lls, Social and Moral values) and produce well-rounded youth with critical leadership, who achieve their highest potential in life.


The word education comes from the Latin word e-ducere meaning “to lead out”. Education is a continuous and creative process to lead out the inherent potential of a student and the role of the teacher is to facilitate this process. The aim is to make every student develop a positive attitude which empowers him to face the myriad challenges of life with confidence. However, to educate a man in mind and not in morals, as Theodore Roosevelt said, is to create a menace to society. Inculcation of moral values constitutes an important aspect of the education process. The stress at NHES is on total quality education which co-ordinates the growth of the mind, body and spirit- that is education which encourages us to become “what we are capable of becoming”


Ankit Kumar | 95.25% |Science – ISC

Naman Kumar Dubey | 94.50% | Science – ISC

Stuti Banerjee | 98.80% | Science – ICSE

Rohan Dutta | 98.00% | Commerce – ISC

Jasjeet Singh Gulati | 96.40% | Commerce – ICSE

Priyanshu Kundu

Priyanshu Kundu | 95.60% | Commerce – ICSE